High Quality Clothes

A lot of us lovelies don’t realize it but we are constantly buying the same expensive garments . ¬†Reason being that they were poor fabric choices, or you just didn’t take the proper care of them.

We got to stop overpaying for complete bull!!!!! Omg I can not stress this enough. never buy anything that is 100% cotton. It will surely shrink and you’ll have to buy it all over again and that is just ridiculous18096204_301026843663103_1790358792374845440_n

Its not that bad to buy imitating fabrics because lets face it, who really has that much money to buy something 100% silk? Maybe a select few but on the real most people will just buy polyester. Therefore Do not overpay for polyester when the garment is poor quality. You might as just pay the extra dime and get the silk one and have a longer lasting garment.

lastly, beware of loose seams and stitching. These are huge red flags and your garment is bound to unravel at some point. Also whoever sowed the item rushed and you shouldn’t pay good money for horribly made clothes. Another sign the clothes were poorly made is when the seams are super long, this mean the sower ran fabric hella fast through the machine. you want to look for french seams and tight stitching. You”ll want to slightly pull the garment apart to see how tight the stiching is.


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How To Always Look Stylish

Did you know it only takes a few key items to look stylish and put together ? While of course wearing a shirt and pants, having these accessories will make getting dressed a lot easier and faster with out barely trying !


This will add sparkle and shimmer to your entire look. 


These will make you taller and make you look like you’ve got important errands to run!


With these you’ll look very chic and effortless.


If matched correctly, you can turn your outfit from incomplete to complete. Jackets tend to compliment an outfit and peice the look together.

Throwing on a baseball cap hides your bad hair while giving your outfit some edge.


No time for a full face of makeup? At least make time to fill in those brows to give you a fleeky look.
Now all those tips and tricks are not to be worn all at the same time. Pick what feels right for that particular day and slay! 

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