Rob’s 21st Birthday

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If you have ever turned 21 or is going to soon then keep reading! lol

What do you plan to do for your 21st? Or do you remember what you did for yours? I went to a restaurant where they didn’t even card me! I was so mad but my fiance’s 21st birthday was filled with extended family and the discussion of Hilary Clinton! I managed to get a few clips of that conversation so check out my vlog!

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We’re living in a fantasy world

yes its true.

people can not be that cruel

for every evil, there’s a love

therefore we do not need what is up above

we can save ourselves by ourselves.

Tv, will give us real life situations and we’ll think they’re answers to our real life problems

instagram will tell us to be hotter or skinnier

so we eat air and crowd our face with with colorful acne boosters

that’s how we save ourselves.

But see that only works but so much.

deep down will be this depression, oppression and suppression

deep down we will feel hindered from true happiness. peace and joy.

And thats when we should realize that the world really IS that cruel

and our people are not really that true.

yea, in this flat world, there is a lot of love,

but we actually do need Him to save us, Him up above.

maybe you live in a fantasy world, but I don’t.
















The Darkness

The darkness is where all the control is

The darkness is where all the money is

The darkness is where all your dreams come true and your Financial problems are no longer existent and it’s where you think happiness lies

The darkness is all the flashing lights and the cameras and the fame

The darkness is where the closest people to you end up turning on you

The darkness is where the dark people put on a show to make us believe that another country once destroyed a city with planes and hurricanes

The darkness is something that seems apealing but once actually there, you wish you would have never signed your name in blood 

The darkness is a place of loneliness and sacrifices

At first you think the darkness is a place of light, happiness, riches, and innocence 

The darkness is where no man should be, if he wants to Live his life