High Quality Clothes

A lot of us lovelies don’t realize it but we are constantly buying the same expensive garments .  Reason being that they were poor fabric choices, or you just didn’t take the proper care of them.

We got to stop overpaying for complete bull!!!!! Omg I can not stress this enough. never buy anything that is 100% cotton. It will surely shrink and you’ll have to buy it all over again and that is just ridiculous18096204_301026843663103_1790358792374845440_n

Its not that bad to buy imitating fabrics because lets face it, who really has that much money to buy something 100% silk? Maybe a select few but on the real most people will just buy polyester. Therefore Do not overpay for polyester when the garment is poor quality. You might as just pay the extra dime and get the silk one and have a longer lasting garment.

lastly, beware of loose seams and stitching. These are huge red flags and your garment is bound to unravel at some point. Also whoever sowed the item rushed and you shouldn’t pay good money for horribly made clothes. Another sign the clothes were poorly made is when the seams are super long, this mean the sower ran fabric hella fast through the machine. you want to look for french seams and tight stitching. You”ll want to slightly pull the garment apart to see how tight the stiching is.


I hope this helped you! let me know in the comments! Also check out the video I made for YouTube

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Hopefully This Works!

Hey there lovelies ! As you all should know, I’m on a quest to start my sleep wear line!

This morning I took the time to take some quality photos for my Poshmark site, where I’m selling my clothes. Here are the photos from the shoot I did today! 

If u like some , please hit the link down below and check out my  Poshmark closet !!

Btw it was like 34 degrees on the east coast y’all 😭😭💨❄️

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Saturday  I spent the day with my Robby! We had both been obsessing over over, “The Accountant”, since like the summer ! And we finally saw it! It was sooooooo good! It was basically two hours long but every scene was something serious and important . I’ll do a full review on it at some point.

Saturday’s outfit was really fun! I got to layer a few peices and do some color blocking! (Sorry for the elementary description)

Wait sorry, not this rachet picture with tweezers in my mouth (clears throat) link to my outfit will be below.


Me and the person I do life with!

Jacket is from forever 21 https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?id=534752663&pid=uid6816-36137104-88

These leggings are old but you can get some similar ones Here

My tan cardigan is old from pink ice but you can buy one Here

A similar t shirt to the one above you can fine Here

Whole outfit Here


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How To Always Look Stylish

Did you know it only takes a few key items to look stylish and put together ? While of course wearing a shirt and pants, having these accessories will make getting dressed a lot easier and faster with out barely trying !


This will add sparkle and shimmer to your entire look. 


These will make you taller and make you look like you’ve got important errands to run!


With these you’ll look very chic and effortless.


If matched correctly, you can turn your outfit from incomplete to complete. Jackets tend to compliment an outfit and peice the look together.

Throwing on a baseball cap hides your bad hair while giving your outfit some edge.


No time for a full face of makeup? At least make time to fill in those brows to give you a fleeky look.
Now all those tips and tricks are not to be worn all at the same time. Pick what feels right for that particular day and slay! 

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How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Hey there lovelies! Fall has officially arrived! Actually it’s been here for quite awhile but it hasn’t been as cool out until now! Some may say it’s a bit hard to transition  your wardrobe from summer to fall and I’d have to agree. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a couple different key items that make it easier to transform your wardrobe and I’m going to share them with you !

  • SHOES!

Aren’t these booties just adorable?They’re super easy to match with anything and you can dress them up or down. They also give you a more chic and sophisticated look with out really trying. Pair these with some ripped boyfriend jeans and a long sleeved graphic tee and thats one effortlessly hot  outfit! 


Jackets are always gonna be a fall trend ok! I mean.. If you haven’t already noticed. They are the best layering peice, they help you look put together and most importantly they keep you freakin warm! The more oversized or longer jackets are best (as scene on my favorite supermodel above, Coco Rocha) to rock this fall. The longer, The more stylish you look. Basically you look like you know what you’re doing in fashion and all you’ve done was through on a huge jacket! No effort at all!

  • SILK?!

Silk is becoming wildly the most trendy fall item this fall. Why do I find it wild you might ask? Well um.. Because silk is thin and it might be a little too cool for silk but I’m not gonna lie.. I love it! Silk this fall is making everything look sleek and chic in the most glamorizing way! I mean it’s all over Kendall and Kylie and the runways and anyone else you can think of and its so stylish. Whether you wear silk on the bottom on the top or all over, silk/satin is an easy way to look chic this fall and it’s defiantly a trend that might be here longer than fall!

I hope these tips helped everyone out! If you have any questions or suggestions on fall trends please let me know in the comments below and I will love to get back to you as soon as I can! Have a blessed day lovelies!

Hey there lovelies!!

Hey there lovelies! My name is Cheyenne! I go by Chy just so ya know! I’m super new to the whole blogging thing so this will just be an, “about me” post if you will.

I absolutely L.O.V.E fashion and my number one dream career is to be a fashion designer! I’ve only just started sketching and I’m so excited to have my drawings come to life! That dream may take awhile because I am broker than a rich man that has a gambling addiction and loses every time lol. I don’t have any fashion school experience whatsoever, I only have magazines, celebrity-models and my own personal style to go on! Speaking of celebrities I must share with you all my most favorite celebrity of all time. A lot of people hate her but I’m totally obsessed with her. Wait for it … Wait for it.. It’s KYLIE JENNER!! I’m am so in love with her sense of style it’s like she steals my ideas every time !!

I am only now feeling confident enough to Show my personal style and I’m really excited !

With this blog I’m going to be doing a couple different things;

  1. FASHION!! Basically just posting OOTD, tips on different fashion related subjects, the latest style trends, season trends, and my favorite celebrity looks of course!
  2. LIFETYLE!! These posts will be some basic and some weird life hacks and tips that I’ll share with you and in this section I will be posting my favorite beauty products.
  3. RANDOM!! I will be posting about random things that I think are funny or interesting throughout the day and this may just be my favorite posting yet !

As I have mentioned before I am not the richest woman out here and with what I want to do on this blog may not happen right away. Within the next couple of days you can expect to see ootd posts and simple things like that. I’m so excited to do celebrity outfits but I need a little bit of cash for that ! So please Bear with me.
that concludes my introduction post for tonight if I have anymore ideas I will share them with you thank you everybody for checking out my blog and just stay tune for what’s to come and everybody have a blessed day wherever you are!!
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