How To Always Look Stylish

Did you know it only takes a few key items to look stylish and put together ? While of course wearing a shirt and pants, having these accessories will make getting dressed a lot easier and faster with out barely trying !


This will add sparkle and shimmer to your entire look. 


These will make you taller and make you look like you’ve got important errands to run!


With these you’ll look very chic and effortless.


If matched correctly, you can turn your outfit from incomplete to complete. Jackets tend to compliment an outfit and peice the look together.

Throwing on a baseball cap hides your bad hair while giving your outfit some edge.


No time for a full face of makeup? At least make time to fill in those brows to give you a fleeky look.
Now all those tips and tricks are not to be worn all at the same time. Pick what feels right for that particular day and slay! 

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Hey lovelies I hope you all are

enjoying your week!! It’s been beautiful outside and I decided to share the day I had!

I spent the day catching up with a friend I haven’t hung out with in like 2 years and we had some delicious Uncle Julio’s!!

Later we got  some ice cream from her job ! I got chocolate with Oreo crumbs and of course it was on the house.

Came home and found this dude working out.  What a beautiful sight to see right?
My outfit of the day is a pretty simple one! Green crop top and black skinny jeans I got from urban outfitters, completed with a multi-colored, Bohemian-styled kimono.

And some grey converse with green lining . And stupid long shoe strings.😭😭

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Favorite Fall Outfit 

Hey there lovelies! Earlier this year  I went to DC with my boyfriend whom I’d only been dating for seven months and last month we celebrated our 1 year anniversary !! So cool right? Here are some pictures of our day!!

In this picture I am wearing a pink t-shirt dress I got from forever 21 along with the long grey blazer I also got from Forever 21. The grey leggings I’m wearing are from Victoria’s Secret’s Pink and my mid-high top Pumas are my 11 year old brothers! 

Hey I whip my hair back and forth! Lol this is one of the first photos taken and my boyfriend Rob suggested I do a hair flip!

We found this really cool area with a bunch of tables and chairs on the water and it was so beautiful out. That’s me trying to find the light and also trying not to laugh. By the way it was freezing that day idk what possessed me to take off my jacket lol.

Later we found an expensive restaurant to eat dinner but the food quality was not worth our money😞.
Towards the end of our day we chilled back at the ship yard

I hope you all enjoyed this post have a blessed day my lovelies!!
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Why You Have Nothing To Wear

When I have to run to the store in a moments notice I am always struggling to find a decent outfit. This is mainly because I don’t have a consistent style of clothing in my wardrobe. I know my style and I know what looks good on me its just the matter of actually purchasing the items which I can barely do being unemployed.

If you’re reading this and you are employed then I can help you never say again, “I have nothing to wear”.  Just follow these simple steps. 


Go threw your closet and throw away clothes that you haven’t worn in a year, or that’s too big or too small.


What outfits catch your eye and what type of clothing do you have most in your closet? Look up outfit ideas on Pinterest or any social media to see which style fits you most. ( I will leave a list of different types of styles with pictures at then end of this article) Screenshot your favorite outfits so you have them with you next time you go shopping . 


This step is very important because you want to actually try on your clothes before you purchase them. You may think you like something…. but you could be wrong.

Lol!! I’m just saying that you want to leave the store with things you know you’re going to wear and be confident in, because if not, you’re right back to square one and you’ve just bought a bunch of clothes that you’re never going to wear.


Make sure that whenever you shop you buy things that will be easy to match anything in your closet that way whenever you are running late you’ll have lots to choose from and you know that you’ll look good. Expanding your new closet with things that match your style is the best way to always have something to wear.

I hope you never have to say, “I have nothing to wear”, ever again my lovelies ! Here is a list of different types of fashion styles!



Business Woman




Trendy/Instagram Baddie

How To Find Good Quality Clothes

Me, when I used to work at forever 21.Is there anyone out there who  sometimes wonder why their clothes doesn’t last as long as you expected them to? Well hey, um, I can answer that for you!
Having good quality clothes is actually about knowing what you’re dealing with and how to take care of them and if you continue reading you’ll be a basic fabric expert at the end of this article! 

COTTONWhile cotton may be comfortable and affordable, too much cotton can cause you to dig back in your pockets to buy something new once the item is worn out. Cotton fades, bleeds colors, wrinkles and shrinks after a few washes.

I find it really ridiculous for designers such as Prada to over price their 100% Cotton T-shirt when it’s just gonna shrink and getting wrinkly after just one or two washes. Take a look below!
When it comes to cotton it’s always best if you find a polyester blend or any other blend for that matter!


Completely opposite from cotton, polyester is wrinkle resistant, dries quick, and maintains its shape. The bad side is that it tends to build up static. But when blended with cotton it actually becomes tear resistant and makes for a warm article of clothing.


Linen is probably gonna the best thing to wear in the summertime since it is so light weight . It does wrinkle right away so it is best to hand wash it. 


Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics and one of the most expensive ones which is why you should never mistake polyester for silk.It may be one of the most glamorous looking fabrics and there are a A few cons to make you second-guess whether or not you should buy it. Silk is not durable, it will discolor, and it needs to be dry cleaned.

… Continued facts;

  • Higher price does not mean higher quality
  • Look for spandex/Lycra for fitted material
  • The thicker the fabric the more durable
  • Loose stitches tend to snag on things
  • Seams should be tight for good quality
  • French seams is a good sign

  • Pattern should matche seams
  • Extra buttons and thread lining are good signs 

Every fabric has its flaw you just have to figure out which flaw you’d rather deal with ! Hope this was helpful and have a good day my lovelies!!
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Why Wear Velvet?

 Velvet is one of the most soft fabrics out there. It is double woven which means it’s super thick and the thickness is just perfect for fall! Before recent velvet clothing has been more so used for dance wear and costumes . Now I’m seeing body con dresses made out of velvet, knee high boots, and even phone cases!!  Thankfully these days we don’t have to limit our velvet wear to just black tie events. Recent trends have now allowed us to wear velvet literally if we just want to go walk down the street. Velvet has become a more versatile type of fabric that can be worn in numerous ways.


Taylor, Kendall, and Gigi are literally walking down the street wearing these very trendy velvet boots. The awesome thing about these boots is that they can be dressed up and dressed down . With the thickness in the fabric these boots will be sure to keep your legs and feet soft and warm throughout fall and winter.

Bomber jackets are also a really huge trend this fall. Yesterday I saw a bomber jacket that completely blew my mind. A velvet bomber jacket! Whaaaaaaat?! Two trends in one ? Really? That’s not something you see everyday! Not only do you look super luxurious but you’re also super warm and soft on the inside. That’s reason enough for me to wear velvet.

Over the years it’s been hard for me to stay stylish in the winter only because I need something that’s going to be warm and I care about being warm sometimes more than I care about looking cute but not this winter. Thanks to our new fall trends we’ve got the best of both worlds, looking cute and being warm! Thanks to our favorite celebrities giving us the OK to wear velvet casually. But if you don’t want to wear velvet casually and you actually do have a black tie event to go to then you’re saved by the velvet. Dresses that is! On the top we’ve got a pair of dresses that’s more sexy and sleek and maybe dresses to go out to a club and at the bottom we’ve got more appropriate and conservative dresses. Either way, these dresses are super classy and actually can be worn for any occasion if accessorized correctly. 


 Apparently they’ve been making velvet suits, usually for men but now we are seeing them on women.What better way to rock the velvet trend than in the office? You’ll defiantly look like the boss At your job! Also I’m not seeing too many outfits like this so you could possibly start this trend at your firm!

Velvet hats are also a trend that’s spreading like a California wild fire all over the gram. Not to mention baseball caps in general. Kylie seems to be wearing a velvet/suede mix hat and the hat is a great way to add the look of warmth to your outfit. Velvet handbags and chokers are also chic accessories to add to your fall outfits.

So why wear velvet? Who wouldn’t want to look like a million bucks every single time they walked out the house? That’s how you’ll look once you buy every basic type of clothing in the velvet fabric department. Now I’m not saying wear all velvet everything, unless your Kylie Jenner of course.

But I meant that you should wear either a velvet pair of pants, top, dress, or even a blazer or a pair of shoes to add some glamour into your life!  I hope this article helped you learn about the biggest fall trend! 

Stay warm and golden my lovelies! 

9 Ways To Be Healthy Using Coconut Oil

Lately, coconut oil has been my life ! I’ve been using it for everything. Apparently coconut oil has been improving people’s lives for a really long time but I’m just now discovering it’s great wonders since the beginning of this year. Let us learn how many things we can illuminate in our every day lives using coconut oil and I’m pretty sure you’ll be saving money as well.

  1. CURE YOUR SUNBURN A lot of people don’t know that coconut oil can help minimize the redness of your sunburn. As soon as you notice any redness or tenderness or soreness apply desired amount of coconut oil for the skin and let it soak all over your body and the coconut oil slowly but surely takes away the redness and rehydrates your skin. And while we’re on the skin tip,coconut oil also helps with age spots,wrinkles, cellulite and acne.
  2. WHITE TEETH Did you know by swishing coconut oil in your mouth for like 20 minutes extracts all the extra little nasty particles in your teeth? If you make this part of the routine when you’re in the shower or when you’re shaving for at least four days a week you can hang up going to the dentist. Your teeth will be so clean that you won’t get any cavities and you just have beautiful white teeth. Oil such as extra olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil extracts everything from your mouth so this would be a good way to save money on going to the dentist all the time and possibly even toothpaste. Now I’m not saying don’t brush your teeth but you can cut out flossing and replace it with the extracts but I wouldn’t cut out flossing either just saying!
  3. LONG CURLY HEALTHY HAIR There are 1 million  hair tutorials on YouTube about how to make your hair grow longer shinier thicker and curlier. And well it’s because of the coconut oil. Coconut oil and olive oil when left in your hair for at least an hour rejuvenates the curls in your hair and just makes it more luscious and more curly. I don’t know the scientifical reason but studies have shown(studies being YouTube tutorials and my own life experience) that when I do coconut oil hair treatments my hair becomes more curly after every single treatment. Coconut oil also helps to keep the hair strong and keep ends from breaking. You can wash your hair in coconut oil and can use coconut oil as a hair conditioner and as a hair product eliminating all other hair products and also saving you money .
  4. CLEAR SKIKN As I mentioned above coconut oil can be used as a face scrub hey that rhymed!! After a long day of being out in the sun and 500,000 pounds of make up on your face, taking some coconut oil and rubbing it in between your fingers and hands and scrubbing your face with it is the best way to extract all the dirt and oil’s off of your face. After you scrub your face for at least 30 seconds you’ll need a regular face soap wash to make sure all the oils are off, if not then all the extracts are just gonna remain on your face. There is about a gazillion tutorials on YouTube about the coconut oil face scrub as well.

 Other uses for coconut oil

  • Helps improve alzhimers disease
  • Can serve as a allergy relief medicine when put inside of each nostril
  • Cooking oil
  • Skin moisturizer

Lastly coconut oil is so good for you in so many ways it is just easier to make a habit of moisturizing your entire body with it day and night and maybe drinking it into a smoothie. Doing those two things will ensure that your body is healthy from the inside out and on the outside in.

I hope you guys learned a lot about coconut oil and will begin to use it like we use water! Thank you so much for your time today lovelies have a good week!!

I Want To Be A Fasion Designer

Ever since I was about 12years old I knew I wanted to make my own type of clothes . For my 13th birthday my mama got me a sketchbook and I would never put it down! Over the years I’ve found other passions like modeling, screenwriting and I’ve even had a desire to study body language and I might go to school to become a therapist. Literally, I love all of those life careers but something I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go back to is fashion!

Now this man, is the man of my dreams. The man of my FASHION dreams that is! This is the great, (as I like to call him) Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain. He’s created tons and tons of beautiful dresses and there’s one I’ve become totally in love with and its this beauty down below. 

OMG! How can you not be in love? From the fringe to the pearls and jewels to the creative vertical lines and the transparency and the colors! Need I say more? This dress is totes something to die for! This dress is a modern day princess dress. I believe if it were to be long enough to drag on the floor it can be used in a modern day fairytale story turned movie played by Shay Mitchell. Yo, Shay would totally slay this princess dress .
But I’m afraid I wasn’t entirely honest about my love for this dress earlier. I said I was in love with it. Key word being “Was”. I became totally and utterly obsessed with it once I saw a certain someone wearing it. Can you take a wild guess?

Yes you guessed it ! Whoooo! You is right! None other than King Kylie herself. She totally slayed this look! From the blonde hair to the totally nude shoes she did no wrong to this dress. 

On a side note, the Kardashian/Jenner family have been rocking the Balmain for a very long time and since I’m basically in love with the whole family it would make sense as to why I love Balmain so much. 

But enough of all of that! Before I knew what a kardashian was my favorite fashion designer was Emilio Pucci. I honestly thought I was gonna get my wedding dress designed by Peter Dundas (the creative director) I thought there was no designer better than him! I am telling you I was stuck on this designer for years. Take a look at my all time favorite dress below. Or so I thought it was gonna be my all time favorite dress. 

This dress excited the heck out of me back in the day and still does ! The sequencing and the color schemes are absolutely unbelievable and how its hugging her body in all the right places is every girls dream dress !  Now don’t get me wrong Pucci is still one of my favorite designers and not to mention that Peter Dundas is also the creative director of Roberto Cavallali as well!! What?! One creative designer for two different fashion labels! This dude has got to be a fashion genius! 

Now if you’re this far in my post you’re probably like, “when’s this chick gonna get to wanting to be a fashion designer?” Well my friends wait no longer! I had to give you all a bit of backround on who my inspirations are !  (Olivier Rousteing and Peter Dundas). The plan I have with my fashion line is to make clothing for the woman who wants to keep it professional, and borderline businesslike with these key items;

  1. BLAZERSimagine this blazer with a round collar neck, a plain tight white top, and black trouser pants. It’s still professional enough for work but the blazer adds excitement and funk to the outfit ! My main goal is to make outfits for the business woman who is young and vibrant and girly!
  2. EXOTIC PANTSThis dress has everything I would want a cool pair of work pants to be. Obviously these pants would be very loud and everything else you wear with it will have to be plain and simple but that’s where I come in! 
  3. PLAIN Ol SHIRTSNow obviously I wouldn’t have you all wearing tank tops to work but you get what I mean! (I hope) . With exotic printed blazers and exotic printed work pants there’s no way anyone could be wearing an exotic printed top also! So there would just have to be some plain ol tops!

This post is just for you all to get an idea of what my fashion line is gonna be consist of . There is still tons of key items I left out and I’ll be sure to make another post in the near future about what my fashion line will look like with all the specifics and everything  so stay tuned my lovelies!


It was a grey and gloomy day today in the town I call Gtown. The skies have been overcast for about a week since hurricane Matt came about and now my town looks like something out of twilight. I thought I’d share my outfit of the day and how tried, just by the skin of my teeth, to stay stylish.

In the photo above I am wearing a green trench jacket I got from forever 21 over a Vampire Diaries t-shirt I paired with green comfy And1 sweats tucked in to my tan ankle boots. 

I don’t have much to wear because I have recently cleaned out my closet so I had to throw things together. Now just imagine my outfit with out the jacket. Literally the jacket makes everything come together and that’s why I believe jackets and cardigans are the key to a complete look. 

To get in the spirit of fall I tried to at least add some fall color to my outfit, hense, the green! This really makes the fall vibe come alive and I blend in with the grass and some trees!

My tan over the ankle boots puts in some good work by color blocking with my sweats and it gives my whole look a tom-boy army feel.

The Vampire Diaries graphic T-shirt gives my outfit a rocker-punk vibe and it’s the eye catcher of the outfit.

Well that’s all for now friends! I hope you enjoyed my first ootd as much as I did making it for you! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below! Have blessed day my lovelies!
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Hey there lovelies!!

Hey there lovelies! My name is Cheyenne! I go by Chy just so ya know! I’m super new to the whole blogging thing so this will just be an, “about me” post if you will.

I absolutely L.O.V.E fashion and my number one dream career is to be a fashion designer! I’ve only just started sketching and I’m so excited to have my drawings come to life! That dream may take awhile because I am broker than a rich man that has a gambling addiction and loses every time lol. I don’t have any fashion school experience whatsoever, I only have magazines, celebrity-models and my own personal style to go on! Speaking of celebrities I must share with you all my most favorite celebrity of all time. A lot of people hate her but I’m totally obsessed with her. Wait for it … Wait for it.. It’s KYLIE JENNER!! I’m am so in love with her sense of style it’s like she steals my ideas every time !!

I am only now feeling confident enough to Show my personal style and I’m really excited !

With this blog I’m going to be doing a couple different things;

  1. FASHION!! Basically just posting OOTD, tips on different fashion related subjects, the latest style trends, season trends, and my favorite celebrity looks of course!
  2. LIFETYLE!! These posts will be some basic and some weird life hacks and tips that I’ll share with you and in this section I will be posting my favorite beauty products.
  3. RANDOM!! I will be posting about random things that I think are funny or interesting throughout the day and this may just be my favorite posting yet !

As I have mentioned before I am not the richest woman out here and with what I want to do on this blog may not happen right away. Within the next couple of days you can expect to see ootd posts and simple things like that. I’m so excited to do celebrity outfits but I need a little bit of cash for that ! So please Bear with me.
that concludes my introduction post for tonight if I have anymore ideas I will share them with you thank you everybody for checking out my blog and just stay tune for what’s to come and everybody have a blessed day wherever you are!!
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