Childhood Movies That I Loved

Now you’re probably like what does a 22-year-old know about Mommy Dearest? Well my answer is I know enough!  The over-the-top personality of Mommy Dearest herself in this movie has always intrigued me. I saw this movie for the first time probably when I was five.

Life-size was one of the movies I could not stop watching. Since parent trap I was obsessed with Lindsay Lohan and since this movie I’ve been obsessed with Tyra Banks and now I’m watching reruns of America’s next top model on Hulu.

Had I not watch this movie 24/7 I would not know how to do a British accent.

I don’t know I just love this movie.”It’s going to take more than a fire truck to stop drop dead Fred”

Such a boy movie that I would  watch whenever I had sleepovers.

Harriet the spy another classic before Disney try to make it all modernized.

Spy kids oh how I want it all their spy gear.

 Matilda. I don’t even need to say anything about this movie even though I just did.

After seeing this movie, every thanksgiving  me and my cousins would spy on all the grownups and do things like this but not as bad all thanks to Dennis the Menace

Let me know some of your favorite movies or shows down below !

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