How Celebrities Speak In Code

Lets be honest.. Hollywood has some weird things going on sometimes and it makes you wonder what these celebs are actually saying and doing. Some truthers like to call Hollywood HELL-Ywood and holly-WEIRD. If you take a look at my video you’ll see why!


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High Quality Clothes

A lot of us lovelies don’t realize it but we are constantly buying the same expensive garments .  Reason being that they were poor fabric choices, or you just didn’t take the proper care of them.

We got to stop overpaying for complete bull!!!!! Omg I can not stress this enough. never buy anything that is 100% cotton. It will surely shrink and you’ll have to buy it all over again and that is just ridiculous18096204_301026843663103_1790358792374845440_n

Its not that bad to buy imitating fabrics because lets face it, who really has that much money to buy something 100% silk? Maybe a select few but on the real most people will just buy polyester. Therefore Do not overpay for polyester when the garment is poor quality. You might as just pay the extra dime and get the silk one and have a longer lasting garment.

lastly, beware of loose seams and stitching. These are huge red flags and your garment is bound to unravel at some point. Also whoever sowed the item rushed and you shouldn’t pay good money for horribly made clothes. Another sign the clothes were poorly made is when the seams are super long, this mean the sower ran fabric hella fast through the machine. you want to look for french seams and tight stitching. You”ll want to slightly pull the garment apart to see how tight the stiching is.


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How To Find Your Style

For a long time I wasn’t really confident in how I looked and just recently I realized that I I didn’t have a set style of clothing in my house.

Thing is,  I also just realized that I didn’t need a set style either. My style is eclectic, meaning I like to mix a bunch of different styles and mix it into one. Or just dress really prissy one day, and then straight like a tom boy the next day.

Being that I’m broke though, my current wardrobe will not show for it.



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this is my favorite look of all time from sydney carlson 17266048_750034515165603_347431934776836096_n17334228_742365965924913_5963483174766903296_n





How To Stop Depression 

Disclaimer : If you are not a spiritual person or if you are an atheist I advise you to leave this article, although if you are open then please continue reading.

For the past month I’ve been depressed. I don’t have a job,  don’t have any money, my YouTube is barely progressing and for that reason I can’t start my sleep wear line quite yet.  On top of that I’ve gained football man arms and a slightly fatter back. I’ve got red dots AKA: acne and super short hair. Yea,  my self esteem is pretty low as well. Not to mention my living situation is complicated as a mother and I’d rather not depress you all with it.  How do I overcome it all?

  1. Find The Reason

Is there something in your life that you wish you were doing but you can’t?  If so,  try and do the very minimal of something similar.  Example,  me,  my cell phone fell in a dogs water bowl and now I can’t make YouTube videos. Instead I’m on WordPress lol.

Just try to find the root of your depression and do your best to make up for it.

2.Find A Way To Let It Out

You can vent to a friend,  or diary.

Make a positive song list.  I’m telling you!  The song list really helps me out.  I have a worship Playlist that reminds me of God’s goodness and makes me want to live everyday.  I also have a regular music Playlist that makes me feel confident!  Ill leave both Playlists at the end of this article.

3. Watch YouTube videos. YouTube is basically like Google and it definitely has good videos on how to get out of a rut.

Sorry this article kind d of sucked but yea. You have have to push yourself to get out of the situation that you’re in.  Get a job, get out of the house you’re living in with ppl you can’t stand. Face your fears, step out of your shell,  think about the people in other countries that don’t have near as much opportunity as you and make your life fun again.

Pray! Talking to Jesus about your problems is not bad.  You may be like,  but I never talk to him and isn’t it kind of messed up that the only time I talk to him is when  I’m in trouble?  Trust me,  that’s the last thing Jesus is thinking about.  Your God’s son or daughter and he wants to be there for you.  If you’ve been living your life with out him and all of a sudden  you call on him, he’s gonna be so grateful that you even thought about him.  Trust me!

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