Summer Dresses Lookbook

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High Quality Clothes

A lot of us lovelies don’t realize it but we are constantly buying the same expensive garments .  Reason being that they were poor fabric choices, or you just didn’t take the proper care of them.

We got to stop overpaying for complete bull!!!!! Omg I can not stress this enough. never buy anything that is 100% cotton. It will surely shrink and you’ll have to buy it all over again and that is just ridiculous18096204_301026843663103_1790358792374845440_n

Its not that bad to buy imitating fabrics because lets face it, who really has that much money to buy something 100% silk? Maybe a select few but on the real most people will just buy polyester. Therefore Do not overpay for polyester when the garment is poor quality. You might as just pay the extra dime and get the silk one and have a longer lasting garment.

lastly, beware of loose seams and stitching. These are huge red flags and your garment is bound to unravel at some point. Also whoever sowed the item rushed and you shouldn’t pay good money for horribly made clothes. Another sign the clothes were poorly made is when the seams are super long, this mean the sower ran fabric hella fast through the machine. you want to look for french seams and tight stitching. You”ll want to slightly pull the garment apart to see how tight the stiching is.


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How To Find Your Style

For a long time I wasn’t really confident in how I looked and just recently I realized that I I didn’t have a set style of clothing in my house.

Thing is,  I also just realized that I didn’t need a set style either. My style is eclectic, meaning I like to mix a bunch of different styles and mix it into one. Or just dress really prissy one day, and then straight like a tom boy the next day.

Being that I’m broke though, my current wardrobe will not show for it.



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this is my favorite look of all time from sydney carlson 17266048_750034515165603_347431934776836096_n17334228_742365965924913_5963483174766903296_n





Hopefully This Works!

Hey there lovelies ! As you all should know, I’m on a quest to start my sleep wear line!

This morning I took the time to take some quality photos for my Poshmark site, where I’m selling my clothes. Here are the photos from the shoot I did today! 

If u like some , please hit the link down below and check out my  Poshmark closet !!

Btw it was like 34 degrees on the east coast y’all 😭😭💨❄️

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Saturday  I spent the day with my Robby! We had both been obsessing over over, “The Accountant”, since like the summer ! And we finally saw it! It was sooooooo good! It was basically two hours long but every scene was something serious and important . I’ll do a full review on it at some point.

Saturday’s outfit was really fun! I got to layer a few peices and do some color blocking! (Sorry for the elementary description)

Wait sorry, not this rachet picture with tweezers in my mouth (clears throat) link to my outfit will be below.


Me and the person I do life with!

Jacket is from forever 21

These leggings are old but you can get some similar ones Here

My tan cardigan is old from pink ice but you can buy one Here

A similar t shirt to the one above you can fine Here

Whole outfit Here


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 I’m A Sensitive Eater

Are you the type of person to sit there and continue your crapy story while you got shrimp and fried rice flying around in your mouth? If so, then you literally make my stomach toss around and I can’t stand to eat with you.

I have absolutely no idea why some people think it’s okay to talk with their mouth full. Like literally, it’s so simple. If you’re dying to finish a story but you just so happen to be pigging out on pizza then all you have to do is move all your foods to one side of your mouth. 

I was babysitting a 9year old and her kid brother on Friday and I was amazed at how this young girl was talking with her mouth full. There was no food flying in or out of her mouth (that I could see) and I didn’t even hear her food! By hearing I mean I didn’t hear her smacking her lips or foods together. It was almost as if the child was not eating

Seeing food all moist and watered down and mushy is just so disgusting. I hate mushy foods like; oatmeal, mashed potatoes, stuffing, grits, it’s just so sick to me and it just looks like throw up! 

Omg throw up! I can’t even hear the word throw up when I eat or the word vomit. If so then I will picture it and start to gag! Omg gag! Gagging is the worst! The thought of someone gagging while I’m eating might as well just be them actually throwing up.

People be acting like they can’t feel when they’ve got food on their mouth. They’ll literally continue their conversation , food flying and all and even have some sour cream at the corners of their mouth! That’s just so sick! I always feel when I have food on my face, I don’t know how others don’t , it’s really just a bunch of bull. There’s food that didn’t quite make it all the way into your mouth and so some slipped out and now it’s on your lips. With your saliva on it as well. 

Now believe it or not I can talk about almost anything while I eat. Pooping, farting, anything about blood, or puss coming out of pimples or anything really as long as it’s not vomiting … Crazy right?

Let me know if you’re a sensitive eater !!

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How To Get Clear Skin

Hey what’s up my lovelies! I wanna get a little personal today! So literally the first day of 6 grade , which for me was August, 2006,  not that it really matters, I woke up with a forehead full of nasty little – some big- pimples lol. So gross!! I’ve been struggling with acne and 10 years later I’ve finally figured out how to slowly get rid of it. I’m gonna share with you all the things I have learned!! Stay tuned!

This is me Back in 2008. If you look closely you’ll see a collage of pimples working together to form what looks to be a freaking bronzer! Isn’t that hilarious?! my acne is sitting there taking away the shadow of my face and replacing itself with its self if that even makes any sense. The struggle was real. Enough down memory lane let’s get down to business. 


Milk and cheese were 2 dairy products that I consumed almost everyday. I noticed when I cut out cereal and pizza and other things with cheese , the appearance of my acne started to slowly fade away.


When I had a job and when I had a gym membership I would go to the gym at least four days a week and I would work my butt off and I would sweat a lot. When you sweat, toxins are being released from your body and and because of that your face will start to clear up. 


Coconut oil is good for a lot of things  one of them being the face scrub which helps to clear out acne.


You should never go to sleep with out washing the day off of your face. Whether it’s a hot summer day or cool crisp autumn one your face comes in contact with a lot of things throughout the day and you need to wash it off because sleeping in it is the worst thing for your skin.


50%-70% of our human bodies are water and we need to replenish ourselves of that every single day. Water cleans out your system leaving your urine as well as your face clear.

Well my lovelies I hope these tips helped out! Let me know what works for you in the comment box! Also follow me!


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My Fashion Line

Hey there lovelies ! I hope you all are having a beautiful week. If you’re on the east coast then you know that we are having some beautiful weather And I’m just not believing it right now. But this post is not about the weather it’s about my fashion line! If you guys care, I’m going to be sharing with you what I want my fashion line to look like and what I want it to consist of! I’m super excited about this guys!!

What I want is to have a fashion line for the Business woman who likes to bedazzle her blazers and maybe sometimes her work pants the business woman who wears button ups with prints on them and that likes satin fabric. 

But unfortunately I can’t start out that way. I’ve learned that it may be entirely too hard to start my own fashion line from complete scratch . Sooooo, I’ve got to somehow convince a department store that my sleepwear line will benefit their store. 

During the day we have on some of the nicest clothes and we feel so glamorous and stuff like that but what about when it’s time for bed? You wanna feel the same way right ? And what better way to feel glamours than to be wearing satin to bed? 

Well folks that’s my plan. Create the most beautiful satin/silk pj sets with high quality fabrics for the low low. I’m thinking a 3pc set for $60-$75 bucks might work. That’s a slip matching bottoms and a robe altogether for $75 . Normally just the pants or just the robe of satin material will be $75 but that’s ridiculous . Let me know what you guys think about my fashion line plan!

Then with my success from the sleepwear line I’ll branch out and create my business woman line. 

I’ve started a go fund me and I haven’t raised anything yet but you guys should go check it out!

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