The Battle In My Mind

message_14783493888352Billy the pitt.

Billy the pitt is more than loyal to his owner.

Eats all the insects so his owner doesn’t have to freak out and kill them.  Pees and poops only outside,  like a dog should. Basically Billy the pitt does everything his owner asks of him if not more.

Billy’s owner has been telling him to stop eating all the creepy crawling things because he’s got it.  But every time Billy turns around,  there’s more and more bugs.

Billy has not eaten any bugs in almost a year.  He’s waiting on his owners word that he’ll step in and do his job like he said he will and take care of the problem,  but he’s not.

Billy’s owner reminds him of all the things he has to do before he can kill all the bugs and that he’s almost there but Billy is not sure.

Billy the pitt is started to get flees and stuff like that and although Billy can take care of himself he is  still  Reliant on his owner.

Lastly,  Billy sees everything his owner goes through and how close he is to being able to do what he said he will do but at the same time Billy the Pitt just wants to take matters into his own hands.

What should Billy do?  Continue to wait on his owner or take care of it himself?


Billy honestly needs  an answer.




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