Happy new year

screenshot_2017-01-01-19-11-392Why after every 365 days we all count down to the exact second that’s its the supposed ‘happy new year’?

Why do we always assume it’s gonna be happy new year?

Call me pessimistic but for the last 3,650 days all I see people say on social media is how bad the late 365 days was and how great they’re gonna Make the next ones.

Why Pre-plan?


Of course go into the new 365 days with a freakn positive attitude.

But not this overwhelming predictction of what the next 365 days  will look like!

Cause obviously that’s exactly  what you did 365 days ago and you’re saying the same things.  So change it up! (in hopes it won’t be the same)


But yea folks be glad you made it to another 365 days!




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2 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. I get what you are saying. I don’t do new year resolutions. I look at a new year as a chance to continue with the goals that serve me well the previous year, re assess what are my priorities and make a conscious effort to let go of all that I believe drained my energy and time. Happy new year


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