Kill My Darling 

He had been drinking too much. He thought he’d celebrate because the campaign he had been working on the past 2 years had actually won! Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson was finally president of the United States. 

Let’s be honest, The rock didn’t win fair and square, He dug up some dirt on the other candidate and that’s the real reason he won.

The other candidate had A dirty past. We won’t get into the details of that but let’s just say if anybody knew that HE knew he would be dead. 

This was one of my husbands biggest accomplishments and I was so excited for him. We’ve been celebrating on a cruise in the Bahamas. One night I go out into the pool  while my husband is taking a shower in our room and a tall white man in an all black suit pulled me over to the side.  He asked me if I had been married. He asked me if I loved him. He asked me if I knew anything about the other candidate. He asked me if my husband knew. He also is wearing dark black sunglasses and after each question he asked me his eyes scanned my eyes and somehow he could tell I was lying. He pulled a gun out and asked me if I knew anything about the candidate once again I told him no . And once again he asked me if my husband knew about the other candidate and then I told him no again. He told me that he knew I was lying and asked me for my life or my husband’s life. I told him I was pregnant but he shouldn’t kill my husband either. But he killed my darling anyway.

Do You Like Me Yet?

With every Photo I post, I make sure I look my best for you. There’s a bunch of other girls that look like they have it all together but me, I’m not so sure. I still make do with what I do have. I’m here so I can be noticed, so that I can somehow build my self-esteem. Without realizing it I compare myself to other girls that are here. Trying to be the level of beauty that they are knowing that I’ll never be. All the while I’m still trying to impress you and you’re not even real a person. You’re just Instagram. You’re just an app on millions of people’s phones that take up time and Advertise a false beautiful lifestyle and with knowledge of this I still try to impress you and or all the people that use you. Well not anymore. I’m going to use you as a networking tool. I know that I’m pretty and I know that I’m worth much more than 1 million likes but hey that would be nice actually. So hey if you’re still reading this go ahead and follow my Instagram below. 




We’re Going To Be Ok

Most of you had a horrible week following the presidential election. Supposedly, Hilary was the best choice for America and Donald was going to screw us all. Whether any of that was true or Not, it doesn’t matter anymore. We made our decision and our first lady is an ex playboy bunny. Oh well.

All we can do is pray and have faith that Jesus Christ our Lord is always here for us .

Hopefully This Works!

Hey there lovelies ! As you all should know, I’m on a quest to start my sleep wear line!

This morning I took the time to take some quality photos for my Poshmark site, where I’m selling my clothes. Here are the photos from the shoot I did today! 

If u like some , please hit the link down below and check out my  Poshmark closet !!

Btw it was like 34 degrees on the east coast y’all 😭😭💨❄️

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Childhood Movies That I Loved

Now you’re probably like what does a 22-year-old know about Mommy Dearest? Well my answer is I know enough!  The over-the-top personality of Mommy Dearest herself in this movie has always intrigued me. I saw this movie for the first time probably when I was five.

Life-size was one of the movies I could not stop watching. Since parent trap I was obsessed with Lindsay Lohan and since this movie I’ve been obsessed with Tyra Banks and now I’m watching reruns of America’s next top model on Hulu.

Had I not watch this movie 24/7 I would not know how to do a British accent.

I don’t know I just love this movie.”It’s going to take more than a fire truck to stop drop dead Fred”

Such a boy movie that I would  watch whenever I had sleepovers.

Harriet the spy another classic before Disney try to make it all modernized.

Spy kids oh how I want it all their spy gear.

 Matilda. I don’t even need to say anything about this movie even though I just did.

After seeing this movie, every thanksgiving  me and my cousins would spy on all the grownups and do things like this but not as bad all thanks to Dennis the Menace

Let me know some of your favorite movies or shows down below !

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What Will One Do For Money

One day my mom and I walked up a 3 mile Hill to get to a clothing store. We took my 10-year-old sister along for her to get an outfit for chorus for her chorus concert the next day. She has been practicing her songs every day for a week and now it’s time to buy the clothes. We get into the run down store and head straight to the dressing rooms. my sister picks out tons of different types of white shirts and black bottoms.

My mother and I noticed that she’s taking a little too long in the dressing room. We figured she was just admiring herself in the mirror. After about 10 minutes of waiting we call to her and we get no answer. Finally we open the dressing room door and my sister has disappeared. We make an announcement throughout the entire store and still no sign of my sister.  

All night long I had been searching for my sister calling her name getting neighbors to help me look for her. My mother had made good friends with one of the local sheriffs. We got a search party for her.  

Weeks go by even months and I’m grieving a bunch. My mother never once asked me how I’m doing and I never once see her shed one tear. Somehow we afford a new car and a new house in a new neighborhood. My mother is able to buy me all these designer clothes in bags and even household items. On weekends her and the sheriff vacation in Miami. 

Still my sister is nowhere to be found. 

I take a ride in an Uber to the old run down store and I stand in the same dressing room my sister was in. I noticed that in the middle of the floor the carpet is uneven so I pull it up and there’s a hole. I look down the hole and all I see is blackness. As I sit back up a tight grip pulls me in and I’m able to let myself back up.

Somehow my sister got kidnapped.

I overheard a conversation in my mother’s bedroom with the sheriff about when we’re supposed to get our next check.

And then it all made sense.

My sister disappears, my mother gains a sheriff boyfriend, and we gain a new Mercedes and a nicer house. We gain a fortune.

I confront my mother about it and she told me that she made a deal.

The sheriff is only a sheriff to cover up what he really does for a living. Sheriff Cooper is a sex slave owner.

She told me it was for the best and when I rather have everything that I’ve always wanted.

My sister disappeared and now has to give her body to any and every man so that me and my mother can live well. I’d rather be homeless if it meant seeing my sister again.

Do You Have Wisdom?

Over the past week I’ve been having pains in my mouth. I thought it might’ve been because I started eating apple jacks for breakfast again and I thought they were a little harsh on the roof of my mouth and the back of my mouth on my gums. But naa, I was wrong. Actually I’m not sure if I’m wrong.

What is the name of the person who named our wisdom teeth  wisdom teeth. Take a moment to think about this. If you knew of something that was going to grow in your mouth that would potentially give you wisdom and knowledge and smarts. would you pull them out.

 I sure as hell wouldn’t. So why name the teeth  in the back of our mouth that give us so much pain wisdom. If you ask me that’s pretty dumb; that’s pretty ignorant to be exact. All in all if I am having wisdom teeth pain it’s not that bad. I’m pulling through it because I don’t have dental insurance. Just kidding I’m a 22-year-old baby that doesn’t like to go to the doctors or dentist.

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I uploaded a new video!! YouTube

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My First Vlog!

Hey my lovelies! So not too long ago I told you guys about my YouTube channel and how I didn’t want to start it. But now I have decided to make a Vlog channel until I can create the content that I want so just go check it out the link is below and let me know what you guys think in the comment section!!

Moon And I

The spell is indifferent to both of us

I will stay in hiding with you for our love 

I am always yours and you are mine regardless of the earth. If it dies, we will be one

And you are the moon and I am the wolf and in the endless sky we are but one . In my dreams, moon and I 

All the nights that pass, I am your gold

I sleep inside your shadows, you are my home!

You will always be the light of me with you I am complete

Till the earth dies with the sun.