I’m A Sensitive Eater

Are you the type of person to sit there and continue your crapy story while you got shrimp and fried rice flying around in your mouth? If so, then you literally make my stomach toss around and I can’t stand to eat with you.

I have absolutely no idea why some people think it’s okay to talk with their mouth full. Like literally, it’s so simple. If you’re dying to finish a story but you just so happen to be pigging out on pizza then all you have to do is move all your foods to one side of your mouth. 

I was babysitting a 9year old and her kid brother on Friday and I was amazed at how this young girl was talking with her mouth full. There was no food flying in or out of her mouth (that I could see) and I didn’t even hear her food! By hearing I mean I didn’t hear her smacking her lips or foods together. It was almost as if the child was not eating

Seeing food all moist and watered down and mushy is just so disgusting. I hate mushy foods like; oatmeal, mashed potatoes, stuffing, grits, it’s just so sick to me and it just looks like throw up! 

Omg throw up! I can’t even hear the word throw up when I eat or the word vomit. If so then I will picture it and start to gag! Omg gag! Gagging is the worst! The thought of someone gagging while I’m eating might as well just be them actually throwing up.

People be acting like they can’t feel when they’ve got food on their mouth. They’ll literally continue their conversation , food flying and all and even have some sour cream at the corners of their mouth! That’s just so sick! I always feel when I have food on my face, I don’t know how others don’t , it’s really just a bunch of bull. There’s food that didn’t quite make it all the way into your mouth and so some slipped out and now it’s on your lips. With your saliva on it as well. 

Now believe it or not I can talk about almost anything while I eat. Pooping, farting, anything about blood, or puss coming out of pimples or anything really as long as it’s not vomiting … Crazy right?

Let me know if you’re a sensitive eater !!

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