The Truth About Being Fat

Whether it’s hereditary, whether you’re lazy, or whether you just had a baby, don’t lie to yourself, you know your fat.

Now, this might sound cliche but literally, everyone is beautiful. There are numbers of fat women who say they love being fat and that’s ok. I just don’t like when they also say that the word, “fat” is offensive.  I mean I guess we could use the word, “big” but that word can be confused as, “tall”. In my opinion I think it’s easier just to say fat. The number one thing I hear a lot of fat people say is this, “I’m fat and I’m healthy.” What does being healthy consit of?

  1. Consistent  healthy food intake
  2. Exercise at least three times per week

If you are fat and you follow these two steps there is no way you are fat. You might be a little slim thick wit yo cute self but you wouldn’t be fat. 

Hey lovelies, let’s get something straight here, I’m not coming down on the fat people I’m just bringing about facts.  Being fat or skinny is a life choice and it’s definitely something that is in your control. If you’re fat and you don’t think what I’m saying is true then let me know in the comments below.

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