I Dont Write Anymore

It all started in my 7th grade English class. My Teachr Mrs. Darge gave us a passage to read and it was so trippy!! The 5 paragraph passage made my skin crawl and gave me chills. I was so in love with it I thought to myself, “hey, I want to write something like that and make people feel the way I’m feeling!” So I did that night I went home and tried to write something similar to it and I did. 

I used to write about two or three scripts a year. Yes movies. I would have beautiful ideas for movies and I would hand write them in my school spiral notebooks. I did a few months online at The Academy Of Art University for my BFA and yea I failed . Not only that, I have to pay back a lot on my student loans for something I didn’t even complete. But life is life . 
So as you all know by the title, I don’t write anymore. And that freaking sucks! It’s not because I choose not too, but because I don’t have anymore awesome ideas. I certainly don’t really have any inspiration. But I do have all the time on my hands. I don’t know how I would write so much in Highschool. Highschool was so hard for me but I would some how be writing scripts in the midst of all the chaos.  

I have a strong love for music. Sometimes I would hear a song and become so obsessed with it that I would begin forming a plot line to movie based off that song. That would happen quite a lot and I would say that’s a unique way to write a script wouldn’t you? But I just can’t. Earlier this year I started a script and I remember everything it was going to be about and the plot and all that I just have no motivation to write whatsoever. And it sucks cause I really miss writing . It’s been like 10 months and I still have writers block.

Here are some pictures of me when I was in 8th grade!!

Unique peace sign right? Don’t ask. I wasn’t in a gang I promise. I just thought it was cool and different.

Before baby hair slaying was a thing.Miley Cyrus had made it a trend back then for the peace sign and I sadly followed.omg. I can’t even.So I took this picture and tried to make it look like someone else did. Classic Cheyenne just classic. And I made that pillow.Again with that peace sign.Ooh girl! Eyebrows on fleek! (She said sarcastically ) That dang peace sign.  Updated picture of me below!

I took this selfie last week. I had my hair up in a little bun and when I took it out it looked like this.

My lovelies, I’m going to need advice from you this time around. What can I do to get out of this writers rut?! Any answers? Please help a sista out! 

If you would like to know some titles to my scripts let me know I’d be happy to share them! 

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4 thoughts on “I Dont Write Anymore

  1. My writer’s block is getting the dialogue of my characters to make them sound more fleshed out and 3-dimensional. I would love to read some of your writing. You are truly an empowering young lady. 🙂


  2. I’m on record as not believing in writer’s block. The Muse visits me all the damned time. So much so that I started a living document with story ideas. This lets me focus on the project at hand, secure that my idea is saved somewhere. I don’t know what your preferred genre is, but I write speculative stuff. For me, the question “What if” is paramount. What if common core education is all about controlling the general population? What if many modern diagnoses were set up to disburse drugs that help control the general population? What if, what if, what if? What if commerce and the general public become so dependent upon technology that a glitch creates anarchy?

    My version of writer’s block is different. I run into a plot issue that needs some deep thought. I now use that time to write short fiction, and it usually clears my head enough to solve the bigger issue in my next novel.

    On my blog, in the sidebar, there is a category called The Idea Mill. I share articles that might spark the imagination.

    Feel free to bounce ideas off me. I’ll try to help. Characters need problems, big problems. What scares you personally? That might make a great problem for a character to face.


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