How To Get Clear Skin

Hey what’s up my lovelies! I wanna get a little personal today! So literally the first day of 6 grade , which for me was August, 2006,  not that it really matters, I woke up with a forehead full of nasty little – some big- pimples lol. So gross!! I’ve been struggling with acne and 10 years later I’ve finally figured out how to slowly get rid of it. I’m gonna share with you all the things I have learned!! Stay tuned!

This is me Back in 2008. If you look closely you’ll see a collage of pimples working together to form what looks to be a freaking bronzer! Isn’t that hilarious?! my acne is sitting there taking away the shadow of my face and replacing itself with its self if that even makes any sense. The struggle was real. Enough down memory lane let’s get down to business. 


Milk and cheese were 2 dairy products that I consumed almost everyday. I noticed when I cut out cereal and pizza and other things with cheese , the appearance of my acne started to slowly fade away.


When I had a job and when I had a gym membership I would go to the gym at least four days a week and I would work my butt off and I would sweat a lot. When you sweat, toxins are being released from your body and and because of that your face will start to clear up. 


Coconut oil is good for a lot of things  one of them being the face scrub which helps to clear out acne.


You should never go to sleep with out washing the day off of your face. Whether it’s a hot summer day or cool crisp autumn one your face comes in contact with a lot of things throughout the day and you need to wash it off because sleeping in it is the worst thing for your skin.


50%-70% of our human bodies are water and we need to replenish ourselves of that every single day. Water cleans out your system leaving your urine as well as your face clear.

Well my lovelies I hope these tips helped out! Let me know what works for you in the comment box! Also follow me!


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