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Hey there lovelies ! I hope you all are having a beautiful week. If you’re on the east coast then you know that we are having some beautiful weather And I’m just not believing it right now. But this post is not about the weather it’s about my fashion line! If you guys care, I’m going to be sharing with you what I want my fashion line to look like and what I want it to consist of! I’m super excited about this guys!!

What I want is to have a fashion line for the Business woman who likes to bedazzle her blazers and maybe sometimes her work pants the business woman who wears button ups with prints on them and that likes satin fabric. 

But unfortunately I can’t start out that way. I’ve learned that it may be entirely too hard to start my own fashion line from complete scratch . Sooooo, I’ve got to somehow convince a department store that my sleepwear line will benefit their store. 

During the day we have on some of the nicest clothes and we feel so glamorous and stuff like that but what about when it’s time for bed? You wanna feel the same way right ? And what better way to feel glamours than to be wearing satin to bed? 

Well folks that’s my plan. Create the most beautiful satin/silk pj sets with high quality fabrics for the low low. I’m thinking a 3pc set for $60-$75 bucks might work. That’s a slip matching bottoms and a robe altogether for $75 . Normally just the pants or just the robe of satin material will be $75 but that’s ridiculous . Let me know what you guys think about my fashion line plan!

Then with my success from the sleepwear line I’ll branch out and create my business woman line. 

I’ve started a go fund me and I haven’t raised anything yet but you guys should go check it out!

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Youtube: Chy Chy Hewitt

I also have a Poshmark account to help raise money for my fashion line

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