Throwback Saturday !!

I want to share some moments from high school ! 

I went to Nothwest Highschool. This was the first day of tenth grade. Me and ma girls were so close back in the day but I ended up moving to Fredrick later on. We didn’t stay in contact but that’s how life be sometimes. Ya feel me?

This is me and my best friend at a Bruno Mars concert ! My first concert ever!!I had a blast with this chick ! She’s my main one! My leather studded jacket is from F21 and Lindsay is rocking that hat!!

I never stay at just one school so when I moved to Frederick I went to Governor Thomas Johnson Highschool. Lataviya was my girl and she still is! And we twining !!

This is Kaitlyn ! Another best friend! I swear I don’t have just random friends, like all the people I call friends are  genuine people and I would offer them up to be best friends for everyone in the world!! This is Kaitlyn and I at prom 2013. I look like a dang werewolf. 

My mama on the left and my dads mom, my grandma on the right! 

This was the morning of my graduation party !!

That’s all for now lovelies! I hope you enjoyed my walk through memory lane! Have a blessed day!

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