How To Find Good Quality Clothes

Me, when I used to work at forever 21.Is there anyone out there who  sometimes wonder why their clothes doesn’t last as long as you expected them to? Well hey, um, I can answer that for you!
Having good quality clothes is actually about knowing what you’re dealing with and how to take care of them and if you continue reading you’ll be a basic fabric expert at the end of this article! 

COTTONWhile cotton may be comfortable and affordable, too much cotton can cause you to dig back in your pockets to buy something new once the item is worn out. Cotton fades, bleeds colors, wrinkles and shrinks after a few washes.

I find it really ridiculous for designers such as Prada to over price their 100% Cotton T-shirt when it’s just gonna shrink and getting wrinkly after just one or two washes. Take a look below!
When it comes to cotton it’s always best if you find a polyester blend or any other blend for that matter!


Completely opposite from cotton, polyester is wrinkle resistant, dries quick, and maintains its shape. The bad side is that it tends to build up static. But when blended with cotton it actually becomes tear resistant and makes for a warm article of clothing.


Linen is probably gonna the best thing to wear in the summertime since it is so light weight . It does wrinkle right away so it is best to hand wash it. 


Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics and one of the most expensive ones which is why you should never mistake polyester for silk.It may be one of the most glamorous looking fabrics and there are a A few cons to make you second-guess whether or not you should buy it. Silk is not durable, it will discolor, and it needs to be dry cleaned.

… Continued facts;

  • Higher price does not mean higher quality
  • Look for spandex/Lycra for fitted material
  • The thicker the fabric the more durable
  • Loose stitches tend to snag on things
  • Seams should be tight for good quality
  • French seams is a good sign

  • Pattern should matche seams
  • Extra buttons and thread lining are good signs 

Every fabric has its flaw you just have to figure out which flaw you’d rather deal with ! Hope this was helpful and have a good day my lovelies!!
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