Favorite Fall Outfit 

Hey there lovelies! Earlier this year  I went to DC with my boyfriend whom I’d only been dating for seven months and last month we celebrated our 1 year anniversary !! So cool right? Here are some pictures of our day!!

In this picture I am wearing a pink t-shirt dress I got from forever 21 along with the long grey blazer I also got from Forever 21. The grey leggings I’m wearing are from Victoria’s Secret’s Pink and my mid-high top Pumas are my 11 year old brothers! 

Hey I whip my hair back and forth! Lol this is one of the first photos taken and my boyfriend Rob suggested I do a hair flip!

We found this really cool area with a bunch of tables and chairs on the water and it was so beautiful out. That’s me trying to find the light and also trying not to laugh. By the way it was freezing that day idk what possessed me to take off my jacket lol.

Later we found an expensive restaurant to eat dinner but the food quality was not worth our money😞.
Towards the end of our day we chilled back at the ship yard

I hope you all enjoyed this post have a blessed day my lovelies!!
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