Why Wear Velvet?

 Velvet is one of the most soft fabrics out there. It is double woven which means it’s super thick and the thickness is just perfect for fall! Before recent velvet clothing has been more so used for dance wear and costumes . Now I’m seeing body con dresses made out of velvet, knee high boots, and even phone cases!!  Thankfully these days we don’t have to limit our velvet wear to just black tie events. Recent trends have now allowed us to wear velvet literally if we just want to go walk down the street. Velvet has become a more versatile type of fabric that can be worn in numerous ways.


Taylor, Kendall, and Gigi are literally walking down the street wearing these very trendy velvet boots. The awesome thing about these boots is that they can be dressed up and dressed down . With the thickness in the fabric these boots will be sure to keep your legs and feet soft and warm throughout fall and winter.

Bomber jackets are also a really huge trend this fall. Yesterday I saw a bomber jacket that completely blew my mind. A velvet bomber jacket! Whaaaaaaat?! Two trends in one ? Really? That’s not something you see everyday! Not only do you look super luxurious but you’re also super warm and soft on the inside. That’s reason enough for me to wear velvet.

Over the years it’s been hard for me to stay stylish in the winter only because I need something that’s going to be warm and I care about being warm sometimes more than I care about looking cute but not this winter. Thanks to our new fall trends we’ve got the best of both worlds, looking cute and being warm! Thanks to our favorite celebrities giving us the OK to wear velvet casually. But if you don’t want to wear velvet casually and you actually do have a black tie event to go to then you’re saved by the velvet. Dresses that is! On the top we’ve got a pair of dresses that’s more sexy and sleek and maybe dresses to go out to a club and at the bottom we’ve got more appropriate and conservative dresses. Either way, these dresses are super classy and actually can be worn for any occasion if accessorized correctly. 


 Apparently they’ve been making velvet suits, usually for men but now we are seeing them on women.What better way to rock the velvet trend than in the office? You’ll defiantly look like the boss At your job! Also I’m not seeing too many outfits like this so you could possibly start this trend at your firm!

Velvet hats are also a trend that’s spreading like a California wild fire all over the gram. Not to mention baseball caps in general. Kylie seems to be wearing a velvet/suede mix hat and the hat is a great way to add the look of warmth to your outfit. Velvet handbags and chokers are also chic accessories to add to your fall outfits.

So why wear velvet? Who wouldn’t want to look like a million bucks every single time they walked out the house? That’s how you’ll look once you buy every basic type of clothing in the velvet fabric department. Now I’m not saying wear all velvet everything, unless your Kylie Jenner of course.

But I meant that you should wear either a velvet pair of pants, top, dress, or even a blazer or a pair of shoes to add some glamour into your life!  I hope this article helped you learn about the biggest fall trend! 

Stay warm and golden my lovelies!