I Want To Be A Fasion Designer

Ever since I was about 12years old I knew I wanted to make my own type of clothes . For my 13th birthday my mama got me a sketchbook and I would never put it down! Over the years I’ve found other passions like modeling, screenwriting and I’ve even had a desire to study body language and I might go to school to become a therapist. Literally, I love all of those life careers but something I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go back to is fashion!

Now this man, is the man of my dreams. The man of my FASHION dreams that is! This is the great, (as I like to call him) Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain. He’s created tons and tons of beautiful dresses and there’s one I’ve become totally in love with and its this beauty down below. 

OMG! How can you not be in love? From the fringe to the pearls and jewels to the creative vertical lines and the transparency and the colors! Need I say more? This dress is totes something to die for! This dress is a modern day princess dress. I believe if it were to be long enough to drag on the floor it can be used in a modern day fairytale story turned movie played by Shay Mitchell. Yo, Shay would totally slay this princess dress .
But I’m afraid I wasn’t entirely honest about my love for this dress earlier. I said I was in love with it. Key word being “Was”. I became totally and utterly obsessed with it once I saw a certain someone wearing it. Can you take a wild guess?

Yes you guessed it ! Whoooo! You is right! None other than King Kylie herself. She totally slayed this look! From the blonde hair to the totally nude shoes she did no wrong to this dress. 

On a side note, the Kardashian/Jenner family have been rocking the Balmain for a very long time and since I’m basically in love with the whole family it would make sense as to why I love Balmain so much. 

But enough of all of that! Before I knew what a kardashian was my favorite fashion designer was Emilio Pucci. I honestly thought I was gonna get my wedding dress designed by Peter Dundas (the creative director) I thought there was no designer better than him! I am telling you I was stuck on this designer for years. Take a look at my all time favorite dress below. Or so I thought it was gonna be my all time favorite dress. 

This dress excited the heck out of me back in the day and still does ! The sequencing and the color schemes are absolutely unbelievable and how its hugging her body in all the right places is every girls dream dress !  Now don’t get me wrong Pucci is still one of my favorite designers and not to mention that Peter Dundas is also the creative director of Roberto Cavallali as well!! What?! One creative designer for two different fashion labels! This dude has got to be a fashion genius! 

Now if you’re this far in my post you’re probably like, “when’s this chick gonna get to wanting to be a fashion designer?” Well my friends wait no longer! I had to give you all a bit of backround on who my inspirations are !  (Olivier Rousteing and Peter Dundas). The plan I have with my fashion line is to make clothing for the woman who wants to keep it professional, and borderline businesslike with these key items;

  1. BLAZERSimagine this blazer with a round collar neck, a plain tight white top, and black trouser pants. It’s still professional enough for work but the blazer adds excitement and funk to the outfit ! My main goal is to make outfits for the business woman who is young and vibrant and girly!
  2. EXOTIC PANTSThis dress has everything I would want a cool pair of work pants to be. Obviously these pants would be very loud and everything else you wear with it will have to be plain and simple but that’s where I come in! 
  3. PLAIN Ol SHIRTSNow obviously I wouldn’t have you all wearing tank tops to work but you get what I mean! (I hope) . With exotic printed blazers and exotic printed work pants there’s no way anyone could be wearing an exotic printed top also! So there would just have to be some plain ol tops!

This post is just for you all to get an idea of what my fashion line is gonna be consist of . There is still tons of key items I left out and I’ll be sure to make another post in the near future about what my fashion line will look like with all the specifics and everything  so stay tuned my lovelies!


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