9 Ways To Be Healthy Using Coconut Oil

Lately, coconut oil has been my life ! I’ve been using it for everything. Apparently coconut oil has been improving people’s lives for a really long time but I’m just now discovering it’s great wonders since the beginning of this year. Let us learn how many things we can illuminate in our every day lives using coconut oil and I’m pretty sure you’ll be saving money as well.

  1. CURE YOUR SUNBURN A lot of people don’t know that coconut oil can help minimize the redness of your sunburn. As soon as you notice any redness or tenderness or soreness apply desired amount of coconut oil for the skin and let it soak all over your body and the coconut oil slowly but surely takes away the redness and rehydrates your skin. And while we’re on the skin tip,coconut oil also helps with age spots,wrinkles, cellulite and acne.
  2. WHITE TEETH Did you know by swishing coconut oil in your mouth for like 20 minutes extracts all the extra little nasty particles in your teeth? If you make this part of the routine when you’re in the shower or when you’re shaving for at least four days a week you can hang up going to the dentist. Your teeth will be so clean that you won’t get any cavities and you just have beautiful white teeth. Oil such as extra olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil extracts everything from your mouth so this would be a good way to save money on going to the dentist all the time and possibly even toothpaste. Now I’m not saying don’t brush your teeth but you can cut out flossing and replace it with the extracts but I wouldn’t cut out flossing either just saying!
  3. LONG CURLY HEALTHY HAIR There are 1 million  hair tutorials on YouTube about how to make your hair grow longer shinier thicker and curlier. And well it’s because of the coconut oil. Coconut oil and olive oil when left in your hair for at least an hour rejuvenates the curls in your hair and just makes it more luscious and more curly. I don’t know the scientifical reason but studies have shown(studies being YouTube tutorials and my own life experience) that when I do coconut oil hair treatments my hair becomes more curly after every single treatment. Coconut oil also helps to keep the hair strong and keep ends from breaking. You can wash your hair in coconut oil and can use coconut oil as a hair conditioner and as a hair product eliminating all other hair products and also saving you money .
  4. CLEAR SKIKN As I mentioned above coconut oil can be used as a face scrub hey that rhymed!! After a long day of being out in the sun and 500,000 pounds of make up on your face, taking some coconut oil and rubbing it in between your fingers and hands and scrubbing your face with it is the best way to extract all the dirt and oil’s off of your face. After you scrub your face for at least 30 seconds you’ll need a regular face soap wash to make sure all the oils are off, if not then all the extracts are just gonna remain on your face. There is about a gazillion tutorials on YouTube about the coconut oil face scrub as well.

 Other uses for coconut oil

  • Helps improve alzhimers disease
  • Can serve as a allergy relief medicine when put inside of each nostril
  • Cooking oil
  • Skin moisturizer

Lastly coconut oil is so good for you in so many ways it is just easier to make a habit of moisturizing your entire body with it day and night and maybe drinking it into a smoothie. Doing those two things will ensure that your body is healthy from the inside out and on the outside in.

I hope you guys learned a lot about coconut oil and will begin to use it like we use water! Thank you so much for your time today lovelies have a good week!!


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  1. Coconut is honestly the best! I always use it as a hair treatment and once I get my braces off I’m going to use it as a natural whitener

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