It was a grey and gloomy day today in the town I call Gtown. The skies have been overcast for about a week since hurricane Matt came about and now my town looks like something out of twilight. I thought I’d share my outfit of the day and how tried, just by the skin of my teeth, to stay stylish.

In the photo above I am wearing a green trench jacket I got from forever 21 over a Vampire Diaries t-shirt I paired with green comfy And1 sweats tucked in to my tan ankle boots. 

I don’t have much to wear because I have recently cleaned out my closet so I had to throw things together. Now just imagine my outfit with out the jacket. Literally the jacket makes everything come together and that’s why I believe jackets and cardigans are the key to a complete look. 

To get in the spirit of fall I tried to at least add some fall color to my outfit, hense, the green! This really makes the fall vibe come alive and I blend in with the grass and some trees!

My tan over the ankle boots puts in some good work by color blocking with my sweats and it gives my whole look a tom-boy army feel.

The Vampire Diaries graphic T-shirt gives my outfit a rocker-punk vibe and it’s the eye catcher of the outfit.

Well that’s all for now friends! I hope you enjoyed my first ootd as much as I did making it for you! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below! Have blessed day my lovelies!
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