Hey there lovelies!!

Hey there lovelies! My name is Cheyenne! I go by Chy just so ya know! I’m super new to the whole blogging thing so this will just be an, “about me” post if you will.

I absolutely L.O.V.E fashion and my number one dream career is to be a fashion designer! I’ve only just started sketching and I’m so excited to have my drawings come to life! That dream may take awhile because I am broker than a rich man that has a gambling addiction and loses every time lol. I don’t have any fashion school experience whatsoever, I only have magazines, celebrity-models and my own personal style to go on! Speaking of celebrities I must share with you all my most favorite celebrity of all time. A lot of people hate her but I’m totally obsessed with her. Wait for it … Wait for it.. It’s KYLIE JENNER!! I’m am so in love with her sense of style it’s like she steals my ideas every time !!

I am only now feeling confident enough to Show my personal style and I’m really excited !

With this blog I’m going to be doing a couple different things;

  1. FASHION!! Basically just posting OOTD, tips on different fashion related subjects, the latest style trends, season trends, and my favorite celebrity looks of course!
  2. LIFETYLE!! These posts will be some basic and some weird life hacks and tips that I’ll share with you and in this section I will be posting my favorite beauty products.
  3. RANDOM!! I will be posting about random things that I think are funny or interesting throughout the day and this may just be my favorite posting yet !

As I have mentioned before I am not the richest woman out here and with what I want to do on this blog may not happen right away. Within the next couple of days you can expect to see ootd posts and simple things like that. I’m so excited to do celebrity outfits but I need a little bit of cash for that ! So please Bear with me.
that concludes my introduction post for tonight if I have anymore ideas I will share them with you thank you everybody for checking out my blog and just stay tune for what’s to come and everybody have a blessed day wherever you are!!
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I even attempted to start a YouTube channel but it’s on hold as of now because I just recently moved and I live in an unfinished basement and my backround was just disgusting so yea! Sorry for that run on sentence but go check out my videos my channel is;