My YouTube Channel

As you all may not know, I’ve started a YouTube channel, and stopped. Reason being that I don’t have a good back drop. Is that ridiculous? Probably so. But when I look at other YouTube back rounds it looks somewhat decent but mine doesn’t. This is where the best lighting in my room is but take a look at the walls. They’re not even finished!

I know I know! You all are probably like don’t let that hold you back, well guess the hell what! That’s easier said than done my friend! Easier said than done. So I just figured I’ll start a vlogging channel. Judge me all you want yea I have like four subscribers but I’m going to take them And anyone else who would like to subscribe, on a journey with me, creating my fashion line !! 

Now, I’ve figured out how to make thumbnails and this wasn’t the problem for me. The problem was finding a place to film. I would always try to film in the living room but it wasn’t always empty and I would get too nervous whenever anyone would come in. I managed to get one video in the living room and I was happy about that one.

So tell me, what do you all think about this backround, look at the picture below 

My mind and feelings and all that emotional girly stuff is telling my to wait and just do vlogs . Tell me what you guys think and go check out my channel! Also let me know you’re channels ! I love finding new ppl on YouTube!




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What am I ?

A loaf of bread ?

A security blanket?

An obligation?

A waste of space?

A slob ?

While i actually jump through hoops on a moments notice You praise the actual slob.

i am ok.

No really, i’m fine. Thanks for asking.

It wasn’t hard at all fitting my 6ft self through that tiny hoop.

i am a little burned but the scars won’t fade away.

i am not as important as i thought.

i definitely know who You are.

And so do You.

i am not much with my presence but God forbid I don’t set foot back in, I’m like your morphine that you need to stay sane.

I’m the one who literally makes it possible for you to go away.

Only then am I your want, your burning desire, your diamond.

Besides that

i am your doormat

Walk all over me

As You please

But You see

i just might leave

And throwaway the key

Only then will You see

How much i should mean

To You


Saturday  I spent the day with my Robby! We had both been obsessing over over, “The Accountant”, since like the summer ! And we finally saw it! It was sooooooo good! It was basically two hours long but every scene was something serious and important . I’ll do a full review on it at some point.

Saturday’s outfit was really fun! I got to layer a few peices and do some color blocking! (Sorry for the elementary description)

Wait sorry, not this rachet picture with tweezers in my mouth (clears throat) link to my outfit will be below.


Me and the person I do life with!

Jacket is from forever 21

These leggings are old but you can get some similar ones Here

My tan cardigan is old from pink ice but you can buy one Here

A similar t shirt to the one above you can fine Here

Whole outfit Here


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The Darkness

The darkness is where all the control is

The darkness is where all the money is

The darkness is where all your dreams come true and your Financial problems are no longer existent and it’s where you think happiness lies

The darkness is all the flashing lights and the cameras and the fame

The darkness is where the closest people to you end up turning on you

The darkness is where the dark people put on a show to make us believe that another country once destroyed a city with planes and hurricanes

The darkness is something that seems apealing but once actually there, you wish you would have never signed your name in blood 

The darkness is a place of loneliness and sacrifices

At first you think the darkness is a place of light, happiness, riches, and innocence 

The darkness is where no man should be, if he wants to Live his life

 I’m A Sensitive Eater

Are you the type of person to sit there and continue your crapy story while you got shrimp and fried rice flying around in your mouth? If so, then you literally make my stomach toss around and I can’t stand to eat with you.

I have absolutely no idea why some people think it’s okay to talk with their mouth full. Like literally, it’s so simple. If you’re dying to finish a story but you just so happen to be pigging out on pizza then all you have to do is move all your foods to one side of your mouth. 

I was babysitting a 9year old and her kid brother on Friday and I was amazed at how this young girl was talking with her mouth full. There was no food flying in or out of her mouth (that I could see) and I didn’t even hear her food! By hearing I mean I didn’t hear her smacking her lips or foods together. It was almost as if the child was not eating

Seeing food all moist and watered down and mushy is just so disgusting. I hate mushy foods like; oatmeal, mashed potatoes, stuffing, grits, it’s just so sick to me and it just looks like throw up! 

Omg throw up! I can’t even hear the word throw up when I eat or the word vomit. If so then I will picture it and start to gag! Omg gag! Gagging is the worst! The thought of someone gagging while I’m eating might as well just be them actually throwing up.

People be acting like they can’t feel when they’ve got food on their mouth. They’ll literally continue their conversation , food flying and all and even have some sour cream at the corners of their mouth! That’s just so sick! I always feel when I have food on my face, I don’t know how others don’t , it’s really just a bunch of bull. There’s food that didn’t quite make it all the way into your mouth and so some slipped out and now it’s on your lips. With your saliva on it as well. 

Now believe it or not I can talk about almost anything while I eat. Pooping, farting, anything about blood, or puss coming out of pimples or anything really as long as it’s not vomiting … Crazy right?

Let me know if you’re a sensitive eater !!

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I Dont Write Anymore

It all started in my 7th grade English class. My Teachr Mrs. Darge gave us a passage to read and it was so trippy!! The 5 paragraph passage made my skin crawl and gave me chills. I was so in love with it I thought to myself, “hey, I want to write something like that and make people feel the way I’m feeling!” So I did that night I went home and tried to write something similar to it and I did. 

I used to write about two or three scripts a year. Yes movies. I would have beautiful ideas for movies and I would hand write them in my school spiral notebooks. I did a few months online at The Academy Of Art University for my BFA and yea I failed . Not only that, I have to pay back a lot on my student loans for something I didn’t even complete. But life is life . 
So as you all know by the title, I don’t write anymore. And that freaking sucks! It’s not because I choose not too, but because I don’t have anymore awesome ideas. I certainly don’t really have any inspiration. But I do have all the time on my hands. I don’t know how I would write so much in Highschool. Highschool was so hard for me but I would some how be writing scripts in the midst of all the chaos.  

I have a strong love for music. Sometimes I would hear a song and become so obsessed with it that I would begin forming a plot line to movie based off that song. That would happen quite a lot and I would say that’s a unique way to write a script wouldn’t you? But I just can’t. Earlier this year I started a script and I remember everything it was going to be about and the plot and all that I just have no motivation to write whatsoever. And it sucks cause I really miss writing . It’s been like 10 months and I still have writers block.

Here are some pictures of me when I was in 8th grade!!

Unique peace sign right? Don’t ask. I wasn’t in a gang I promise. I just thought it was cool and different.

Before baby hair slaying was a thing.Miley Cyrus had made it a trend back then for the peace sign and I sadly followed.omg. I can’t even.So I took this picture and tried to make it look like someone else did. Classic Cheyenne just classic. And I made that pillow.Again with that peace sign.Ooh girl! Eyebrows on fleek! (She said sarcastically ) That dang peace sign.  Updated picture of me below!

I took this selfie last week. I had my hair up in a little bun and when I took it out it looked like this.

My lovelies, I’m going to need advice from you this time around. What can I do to get out of this writers rut?! Any answers? Please help a sista out! 

If you would like to know some titles to my scripts let me know I’d be happy to share them! 

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